wow this blog still has followers.
Im sorry I havent posted since junior year, but I’ll sum up the past year and a half really quickly:
I never did date billy, but we had sex a few more times.
I got a job at Universal Studios.
I met a guy named Morgan and dated him until he moved away.
I had sex with Morgan and also with this guy Sam, who I no longer speak to.
Most importantly I graduated high school last month.
So this blog isnt really relevant anymore, but perhaps I should change it to college freshman confessions? We’ll see.  

Be my sweetheart.

My high school is having a Sweetheart Dance this year, coming right up on February 12. It’s a girls ask guys sort of deal. Fancy fancy.

I want to ask the guy I’ve been into since early October, but I don’t know how. If I chicken out and don’t ask him, I’m going with my friend Michael, so I’m glad there’s a back up. But I would really love for Billy to be my sweetheart <3

Just add that to my pile of stress, please. 

Best friends.

Okay, if I’m going to be sharing my life with Tumblr, you need to know about my best friend. She’s awesome, she’s tall, blonde, gorgeous, but she’s also hilarious and down to earth and friendly. She’s patient and understanding, she listens to everything I say and in general, she’s a really good person. We do everything together, always have adventures, so you’ll probably read a lot about those. She has a boyfriend, who we hang out with a lot, so you’ll also hear about him.

Mostly you need to know

The Foursome

That’s me, Jessica, Sean, and Travis.

Jessica & Sean are dating, Travis is dating a girl named Julia. I’m single, but not looking, I’ve found who I want. We get into all sorts of shenanigans together, they’re my best friends, who I tell everything. EVERYTHING.

You should also know Michael and Torrey for future reference.

losing that v-card

It was not as special as everybody thinks it will be. I figured I’d regret it or something, but it just was not a big deal. I was over at his house, I gave him a crazy good blow job in his bed, and then we took a nap, naked together while watching Terminator 3. Sounds pretty unromantic yeah? Well I loved it. And when we both woke up and we were making out and stuff I just decided I wanted it, so I grabbed a condom out of my wallet and handed it to him.

Are you sure? he asked me several times. Yeah Im sureee.

So we had sex, and it hurt pretty badly, but in a very good way, and I didn’t bleed or anything. I thought it was great. 

Then he didnt text me. Normally we’re those people that text when they wake up until they go to bed so I was a little worried. texted him goodnight around 11.. and things went back to normal.

I’d like to say it was life-changing, but it wasn’t. Mostly I just want to do it again.

I do have an appointment to get birth control though, for all you people that care about my sexual well-being.


Ive been talking to this guy since early October, I lost my virginity to him on December 19.

He doesnt want a girlfriend, Im beyond into him and it sucks major ass.

SO basically thats all you need to know right now. 

I’ll bring you into the world of jealousy and rage when I have more time.